Ric and Ted Productions is a state-of-the-art music production company, with studios in midtown Manhattan. Around since the early nineties, it's founders Ric Zivic and Ted Wender were members of the critically acclaimed band 3-D, who along with Ken Scott (David Bowie, Supertramp), co-produced 2 albums and wrote the cult hits "X-Ray Eyes" and "All Night Television". They toured with major groups, including U2, The Cars, The J. Giels Band, Eddie Money, and the Ramones, and appeared on MTV's "Video Countdown", along with live performances on Saturday Night Live with musical co-host Paul McCartney.

R&T have produced soundtracks for hit youth television programs and commercials like Disney Fairies, Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Kids and Sky Dancers, to name a few. They have also worked hand in hand with agencies to produce soundtracks for major ad campaigns, including Kodak, Revlon, Merrill Lynch, Mass Mutual and American Express.

They have also produced music underscore's and sound design for film and television hit properties like:

TLC  "Bingo  and Molly"
TLC "Overhaulin'
Good Times "White Fang", "Ten Commandments"
Discovery Channel "UFO and Aliens: Search for the Truth",
PBS "American Master's Series "

Nominated for a Grammy, musical score, for "Bingo and Molly".
Received a Golden Eagle Award for
  Children's Programming "Bingo and Molly"
Nominated for several Clio Awards and earned an ACE award.


Ric & Ted Productions 251 W 30th Suite 8EW New York, NY 10001
Ric Zivic Executive Producer/Composer 203-832-2540 ric@ricandtedproductions.com
Ted Wender Executive Producer/Composer 631-786-0016 ted@ricandtedproductions.com
Chris Brown Head Engineer (P) 212-947-1717 (F) 212-947-1755 noiseny@aol,com
Dan Onori Head of Sales and Marketing 973-8421039 dan@ricandtedproductions.com



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